Lash Care & Tips

13 Useful Tips to Make Lash Extensions Last

Dont Sleep Face Down

Doing so will crush and make your lash extention go our of shape. Try to sleep facing up or sideways.

Apply eyeliner sparingly

You want to keep the lash extentions cleananf free of gunk to prolong their time spent on your lashs.

Blow Dry with Cool Air

Use a blow dryer on cool setting to fan your lashes back in place Blow them for 10 seconds each eye.

Decide the Look

Natural or dramatic extentios will drop. Lash fallout of 10 from 120 strands will be less obvious than 10 from 80.

Resist the Urge to Rub

Rubbing will cause fallout. If you have eyelash extentions on, you'll naturally kick that rubbing habit.

Good-bye Mascara

Mascara contains oils. Lash extention should not come in contact with oil as it will melt the glue and loosen the hold.

Stash the Lash Curler

lash extentions are durable, but not indestructible . So don't go test their limits by crimming your lashes.

Be Gentle

Sock a cotton bud with water-based remover and gently work to remove eye makeup

No Cotton Pads

getting cotton fibers stuck on lash extentions is a nightmare. Use a cotton bud with a precise tip to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Eyelash Extension Guide

Ask your Eyelash stylist or our front desk consultant for more details about the products.